Story of Grandma Nykä’s pies

Origins of the delicious pies

Years ago little Tommi used to eat Karelian pies made by his grandma Hilkka. Later on, Hilkka was nicknamed Grandma Nykä by Tommi’s sister. As a grown-up, Tommi thought to himself:

Wouldn’t it be great to make those pies for sale?

Years later, Tommi got married and became a father of two little princesses. In 2012 he moved from Jyväskylä to Säynätsalo, where he and his wife began searching for a business location.

When their children grew older, the couple decided to open a cafeteria and bakery right in the centre of Säynätsalo. Grandma Nykä revealed her secret pie recipe and taught them the art of pie making.

That way, the delicious Grandma Nykä’s pies made their way to the consumers’ tables.